The Key to Growing in Business is Growing as an Individual

Published February 18, 2019


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In this video, Marcus shares, the key to growing in business:

I think the key to being good in business is listening to what people have to say. Really listening. We’re all trying to figure something out.

I think the key to growing a business is growing as an individual.

That starts with having stability with your family, stability with your friends and living your life right. It is making the choices that send a good message to your staff and send a good message to yourself about yourself.

Self-confidence is a very weird thing. If you lack it, it’s hard to build it. If you have it, it’s hard to not let it become ego.

About the Author
Marcus Lemonis

Marcus Lemonis

CEO of Camping World and Good Sam

Star of CNBC's the Profit

With many ventures on his resume, including the hit TV show The Profit. Marcus Lemonis has invested $40 million of his own money helping small businesses. Additionally, he is the CEO of America’s #1 source for RVs and the largest organization of RV owners in the world. Lemonis lends his expertise to other entrepreneurs using his evaluation system of three keys for business health and success: people, process and product.

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