Published June 26, 2020

5 Things to Know About the Value of Your Ticket to the Summit

What is the value of your ticket to The Global Leadership Summit (GLS) conference in 2020? While we’d love to make this event free for everyone, the reality is we’d go out of business, and not only would we no longer be able to host the GLS each August, but ministry initiatives to bring additional leadership resources around the world throughout the year would come to a halt 

What you might not know is that there is a lot more to the value of your ticket to attend the Summit than you initially realize.  

“It’s two days of diverse thinking, motivation and insight. The investment is so worth it, and I see the results.”– Chuck Surack, CEO, Sweetwater Sound

What started as a single event back in the 1990’sthe GLS now attracts hundreds of thousands of people in 124 countries at thousands of host sites and online locations in 2020, providing leadership tools where they’re needed most.  

Attracting an audience that represents various industries, including marketplace, non-profit, healthcare, education, government, ministry and corrections, the GLS has become a unique platform, unlike any other leadership conference in the world todayThe GLS brings people together to not only empower better leadership wherever they are, but in a growing number of cases around the world, this event also acts as a catalyst for organic local movements seeking to positively impact their community. 

Here are 5 things you should know about the value of your ticket to attend the Summit in 2020. 


1. The value you receive is higher than the cost to attend.

But don’t take our word for it. Impact stories from our attendees and research outcomes speak for themselves. In 2017, an independent research firm, Excellence in Giving, showed us that the real value is actually much higher than the cost to attendciting an overwhelming positive return on investment.  

  • 68% “agree” or “strongly agree” the GLS improved their productivity 
  • 81% “agree” or “strongly agree” the GLS improved their job satisfaction 
  • 74% “agree” or “strongly agree” the GLS improved the quality of their work 
  • 62% “agree” or “strongly agree” the GLS materials helped them teach others about leadership, with an average of 47% other people being trained in the last two years  

Every day, we hear stories about how the Summit has impacted someone’s life, family, relationships, organization or community. To learn more about what has happened as a result of someone attending the Summit, check out those stories here. 


2. 2020 ticket prices have been reduced from $209 to $189*. 

As significant pivots have been made this year due to COVID-19, we also decided to adjust to the hardship many people are facing by reducing our ticket prices to a rate we believe will continue to deliver value. Additionally, we have also shifted to providing an interactive, online delivery option to accommodate people where in-person gatherings are not available in their local context. 

If you have found yourself recently unemployed or facing hardship and cannot afford the full ticket rate, please contact our Service Engagement Team at to discuss potential options. 


3. The Global Leadership Network values accessibility and affordability.  

Because we believe everyone has influence, we do not want to let financial constraints get in the way of someone’s opportunity to grow in their leadership. This is why, even against some advice we’ve received to increase prices to match industry standards, we’ve maintained to keep our ticket prices as low as we can without going out of business. The reason? We value accessibility for anyone to attend. 

We believe leadership really matters, not just for those who can afford a $5,000 conference price to attend leadership conference of similar caliber, but also for those who are normally unable to access conferences where expert faculty, like the ones brought in for the GLS, are offering their insights and encouragement.  

For what you can get for $5,000 at another conference, you get at the GLS for significantly less. Additionally, resources and free events are offered throughout the year to support your leadership journey beyond the annual GLS each August. 


4. Revenue from ticket sales only supports 60% of our budget to deliver the conference in 2020.  

As with any conference, our ticket sales support technology, staffingprogramming, development, online platforms, training, speaker fees and conference materials. But the reality is, our ticket sales in 2020 will only generate 60% of our budget to deliver the conference in 2020.  

“I believe the Summit is the most accessible and applicable leadership opportunity I have ever attended.” – Tracey Beal, Founder of School Connect

Where does the other 40% come from, and why is this important to you? 

The other 40% of our budget is being supported by generous donors and sponsors. This has allowed us to reduce ticket prices and also support ministry efforts to bring the GLS to places where positive leadership is needed most. These ministry efforts include bringing the GLS to 100+ prisons and translating it into 60+ languages to bring it to another 123 countries, including 50% of the world’s poorest countries 

Additionally, in 2020 the GLS will be brought into homeless shelters, transition homes, at-risk youth and addiction recovery centers at no charge. Why? Because we believe everyone has influence, no matter where they are or where they lead.  


5. The GLS is more than an event. 

Since the Global Leadership Network sees the GLS as more than a one-off event, after the GLS in August, the GLN continues to provide free resources, events and opportunities throughout the year for continued leadership growth.  

The reach of the GLS and the leadership support provided by the GLN goes much farther than a typical business leadership conference—there is a heart behind it to serve everyone who has influence, no matter where they are—whether they are a business leader of a major company, a stay-at-home parent, a pastor in rural Honduras, a student at a local high school, a college professor, administrator, entrepreneurartist, coach, or even someone serving time. 

At the end of the day, we believe leadership centered on love and service has the power to ignite transformation globally. This is why we host The Global Leadership Summit and invite you to be a part of it each year. We believe your leadership matters, especially now.  

Join us at #GLS20 >> 


*$189 is the highest individual ticket rate offered in 2020. 

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