Published July 20, 2020

Everybody is Welcome to The Global Leadership Summit


Because of the GLS

Year after year, for more than 25 years, The Global Leadership Summit has convened an audience that strives to develop their leadership skills to lead positive change within their sphere of influence. Today, the Summit reaches hundreds of thousands of leaders in more than 124 countries. 

Everybody is welcome! 

To serve a community of leaders that spans across industry, faith, age, gender and geography requires an open mind and diligent research. We know in order to reach a diverse audience with the latest leadership wisdom requires a diverse faculty. 

It is the humility, curiosity and desire to learn from anyone that makes the Summit audience unique. 

At the Global Leadership Network, our desire is to provide our audience with the latest relevant resources from leading experts who provide fresh leadership insights, practical tools, actionable concepts and inspiration to help them lead change within their sphere of influence. This means our faculty lineup is a diverse group of ministry leaders, social scientists, non-profit leaders, business executives, entrepreneurs,healthcare workers,educators, authors, politicians, influencers and athletes, to name a few.  

As our content development team connects with our faculty throughout the year leading up to our annual event, they focus on drawing out the leadership expertise our faculty brings to the table, no matter what industry or background they may be coming from. As a leadership conference drawing people from various backgrounds, we believe a business leader can learn new leadership skills from a pastor, and a pastor can learn new leadership skills from a healthcare worker, and so on down the line. It is the humility, curiosity and desire to learn from anyone that makes the Summit audience unique. 

Understanding our foundation of faith 

Indeed, our foundation as an organization is based in Christianity—this is not something we are shy about. But we also believe God reveals his truth in individuals who come from different backgrounds. As we continue to reach a wide range of leaders across the globe, we trust in God’s lead to meet people where they are. 

Another factor many people don’t realize about our faculty decisions is that there is an extensive one to twoyear research and vetting process that filters potential faculty through various groups of committees representing different backgrounds, industries, races and age groups before they are asked to participate. Ultimately, guest faculty are invited to speak based on proven abilities related to their field of experience. Additionally, our decisions to invite any of our faculty members do not consider religious affiliation a reason to either exclude or include anyone.  

A posture of humility to learn from anyone 

At the Global Leadership Network we value being open to hearing from individuals who have extensive experience in areas of their lives we can learn from—we can learn from even those we may not be in complete agreement with.   

This incredible community of leaders is multiplying positive change globally, and we couldn’t be more honored to be a part of this network. 

We also believe the willingness of our faculty to share their expertise enhances the learning process and stretches attendees in ways that otherwise would not happen. Over the years, we have found that such interactions have strengthened our convictions, established new relationships, and at the same time, provided meaningful and memorable learning moments. 

Inherent in opening ourselves to the value these leaders can bring, is the risk that they would say something which does not align with the beliefs and values of our audience. In those instances, we are confident our audience has the maturity, wisdom and discernment to be open to learning moments that might take them out of their comfort zone to experience a new perspective or discover something valuable they can apply in their context they hadn’t thought of before. 

What started as a conference whose primary audience consisted of church and ministry leaders, the Summit has grown to reach people in every industry, including business, government, non-profit, healthcare, education, social services and even corrections. Our audience now includes more than 90 Christian denominations as well as multiple faith backgrounds in more than 124 countries and 1500 locations.  

This incredible community of leaders is multiplying positive change globally, and we couldn’t be more honored to be a part of this network. 

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The Global Leadership Summit (GLS) is a two-day infusion of actionable leadership insights and inspiration broadcast to hundreds of host sites across the United States every August. In the following months, the GLS is translated, contextualized and hosted by local leadership committees at hundreds of locations across Africa, Asia, Latin America, Europe and the Middle East. This global event convenes a world-class faculty who share their distinct perspectives and expertise, inspiring and equipping people around the world with practical leadership skills that can be applied within their context, wherever they have influence, and used to empower positive transformation where it’s needed most. Attracting an audience that represents various industries, including marketplace, non-profit, healthcare, education, government, ministry and corrections, the GLS has become a unique platform, unlike any other, bringing people together to not only empower better leadership within the organizations they represent, but in a growing number of cases around the world, this event also acts as a catalyst for organic local movements initiating systemic, city-wide change. What started as a single event back in 1990’s, the GLS has grown to attract tens of thousands of people today.