Published June 7, 2021

Prison in Ecuador Experiences Positive Outcomes Through the Summit

The Global Leadership Summit (GLS) has expanded into more than 123 countries and 60+ languages around the world, including 50% of the world’s poorest countries. In recent years, the Summit has also expanded into prisons both in the U.S. and globally.

The words of appreciation we receive at the Summit have literally made us shed tears.

One of those prisons is located in Guayaquil, Ecuador, where the Summit has had a positive impact on both corrections staff and the more than 2,000 incarcerated men who are housed there. These efforts have not only impacted their lives within the prison but have also had a positive impact on their lives and their communities when they are released.

In this video, pastor Jaime Vásconez describes what happened when The Global Leadership Summit was brought into his local prison and what it means for the men who experience and apply the leadership insights and encouragement they receive into their lives.

“The words of appreciation we receive at the Summit have literally made us shed tears,” said Jaime. “As a result of these great visions and leadership challenges, some of them have set up micro-businesses within the prison. Both the staff and inmates participated together in the Summit, and in a joint effort, they are selling ice cream inside the prison. Others prepare sandwiches and make soda. Others focus on activities related to wood or painting t-shirts and hats. Back in 2017, a new bakery was set up within the prison as well, and the inmates who worked there receive minimum wage. And they make their own money despite being in prison. The money is then saved in a bank account so that when they get their freedom, they have their monthly savings; when they get out, they can set up their business.”

The men who have been participating in these programs and are released to freedom continue to keep in touch with pastor Jaime and his team, expressing immense gratitude for their support and the programs they brought into the prison. “They are eternally grateful to us for having provided this spark in them and instilling them with the idea to make good use of their time even while they were deprived of their freedom,” said Jaime. “We thank God for tools like the Summit which is having a positive impact on the inmates in the city of Guayaquil.”

If you have donated above and beyond the registration cost to attend The Global Leadership Summit, you too are part of these stories of positive transformation!

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