Published October 31, 2016

Thank You for the GLS in Kenya | You Are Uplifting Lives Out of Corruption (Part 1)

int-1874Stephen Mairori, regional coordinator for the Global Leadership Summit in Kenya, has a dream and a prayer for the nation. “God put us in this region to uplift people’s lives,” Stephen shares. “We need leaders. Our passion is that through the GLS, God will help us create leaders who will uplift the people so that corruption will be dealt with.

“We’re praying for a movement of leaders who view people as men and women created by God. As leaders, we are here to serve so people can achieve their God-given calling.”

Through the GLS, Stephen and the team in Kenya are accomplishing this dream one leader at a time.

When they first began, the GLS went from one site in Nairobi, to 12 sites across the country in 2016. Thousands of Kenyan leaders have participated. It is growing every year as more and more leaders realize the value of leadership to utilize the country’s resources to uplift the nation, and not exploit or squander it.

Stephen recalls simple message, “Leadership matters” and “Everybody wins when leaders get better.” Stephen believes this with his whole being.

“We are very grateful for the GLS,” Stephen says. “To all our donors we want to say thank you very much for investing in the GLS. Your investment is changing lives. Through your prayer and donations, God has taken it to another level. Many leaders have been transformed through the GLS. Thank you very much and many the Lord continue to bless you.”

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