Published November 24, 2015

The First GLS in Mozambique | “I have never heard anything as wonderful”



Thanks to our partners in the field, generous donors and volunteers, we can mark 2015 as the first year for the GLS in Mozambique. There were three events–one in Maputo City, one in the Maputo Village and one in Chimoio. Three events allowed the local team to reach leaders in the city as well as leaders in the rural areas. We are celebrating the impact and the opportunity to reach even more leaders in the future!

Highlight from Maputo City

While Craig Groeschel was speaking, a pastor, overwhelmed with emotion, interrupted the session and said, “I have never heard anything as wonderful.”

Highlight from Maputo Village

Following Albert Tate’s session, God intervened as more than 125 leaders re-dedicated their lives to God and to their leadership call.

Highlights from Chimoio

Chimoio is located in central Mozambique, where peace is fragile and there are frequent gun battles. Most of the transport areas were suspended due to attacks on the bus system, but this did not stop more than 200 church, political and business leaders from attending the GLS. In fact, so many people showed up, that they reached capacity and had to turn away people at the door.

After the first session, leaders began asking, “Why have you kept this best-kept secret from us?” Some leaders who had been to the Summit in Maputo followed the event to Chimoio, exclaiming, “We simply have not seen anything like this! That’s why we came again.”

One of the most powerful moments was when 239 leaders stood up to Albert Tate’s challenge, and re-dedicated their lives to Christ. One leader stood up and declared that she was ready to give up, but decided to re-dedicate her leadership role to God, and she challenged everyone else to do the same.


Thank you for your prayers and support for the GLS in Mozambique! Please continue to pray for the impact as leaders apply what they’ve learned and the inspiration and encouragement they received.


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