Obedience Cannot Wait

Published March 30, 2017

God does not expect us to understand everything, but he does expect us to be obedient. Wilfredo de Jesus, also known as Pastor Choco, provides some insight on how to obey God even when the reasons and purposes are not clear.

About the Speaker(s)
Wilfredo De Jesus

Wilfredo De Jesús

Senior Pastor

New Life Convent Church

Under Wilfredo De Jesús’ leadership, New Life has grown from 120 people to more than 17,000 through church plants and more than 130 ministries reaching the most disenfranchised—the poor, homeless, prostitutes, drug addicts and gang members. Named one of TIME Magazine’s 100 most influential people in 2013, De Jesús is the author of In the Gap and became a Summit favorite following his challenging and inspiring talk in 2014.

Years at GLS 2014, 2016